Last night Beyonce watched the premiere of "Lemonade" on HBO along with her family. Her mother Tina shared on Instagram: "B worked so hard on this project day and night ! It was soo important to her to offer something that would bring about healing and hope to the universe! No matter what you've gone thru in life you can always come out on the other side!"

Beyonce updated her website with photos from Blue's birthday party.

Beyonce updated her website again. was updated with new personal photos.

January 23 was a normal day for Beyoncé. On the docket:

1. Showcase new athleisure line, Ivy Park

2. Plot launch of new music label

3. Prepare to dominate Super Bowl 50

4. Polish off top secret "Formation" video

5. Gear up for all-stadium world tour

When "Run the world" is your business plan, your day starts early. Read more...
Beyonce celebrated the beginning of Spring with new photos on her website! She wrote: "Happy Spring!"

Beyonce updated her website with new photos.

Beyonce updated her website with new personal photos. was updated with new photos.

Kelly Rowland celebrated her 35th birthday with friends and family yesterday in Los Angeles.

Beyonce finally updated her Instagram with new personal pictures!

UPDATE: The singer also shared a new picture on Facebook: "It was a Super weekend Airbnb"

Yesterday Tina Knowles celebrated her 62nd birthday with her family. Check out a photo of her and Beyonce below!

Bey-hold, it’s a bright, shiny new year! So to kick it off, let’s take a hearty look at the best thing that happened last year / ever at BEAT. Yes that’s right, we are throwing it all the way back to that time Beyoncé was on the cover of BEAT. I mean, can you even believe that Ryan McGinley shot her for us, wearing a swimming costume with our logo on it and holding a chicken? Cuz I can’t. If you haven’t seen an actual issue yet – they are available here.

So if, like Adele, your “main priority in life” is Beyoncé then here it is, the only interview with Queen B in the last two years!!

Beyoncé sneezed on the BEAT and the BEAT got sicker…

The Maldives, Phuket, Croatia; anywhere I can see the ocean.

Pray and meditate.
Cuddle in bed with my man and my baby. Eat brunch with my family.
Paint and listen to great music. Have a beer.
Eat pizza.
Make love.
Sweet dreams…
Tina Knowles posted a new photo of her and Beyonce during their Christmas vacation!

Previously, Tina shared pictures from her wedding day and the screening of her wedding movie.

Tina Knowles posted a short video of Beyonce, Solange and Julez jumping on a trampoline.

Check out a photo of Beyonce and Jay-Z celebrating Thanksgiving 2015 with their family below!

Beyonce shared more photos from Las Vegas.

UPDATE: The singer took to her website today to leave a short Thanksgiving note.

Beyonce shared personal photos from the Miguel Cotto vs. Canelo Alvarez fight in Las Vegas.

Beyonce updated her Instagram with personal photos from Hattie White's 90th Birthday Party.

Beyonce updated her Instagram several times this week.

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