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Luke James Talks Opening For Beyoncé

Klaudia//May 27, 2012
R&B singer Luke James' career began buzzing a little over a year ago, and now he's on his way to having a career hotter than a Lousiana summer. The New Orleans native recently received a call breaking the news that he would be opening for Beyoncé's highly anticipated Memorial Day Weekend Revel Concert in Atlantic City, and it's all seemed like a whirlwind of rehearsals and amazing music since. Bursting onto the scene with his breakout hit "I Want You," Luke James has been working non-stop to fulfill his dream- music. GlobalGrind managed to catch up with Luke during his rehearsal time with Beyonce to chit-chat about opening for King Bey, going to school with Frank Ocean, and of course the juicy stuff-sex. Check out our exclusive interview below!

GlobalGrind: How did you end up linking up with Beyoncé?

Luke James: Well, basically, that all happened through my manager, Frank Gatson who works side by side with her throughout her career. She’s known of me since I’ve started in this business and what not. And I guessed it just felt right. My manager approached her with the option of using me as far as an opening act and she agreed. So, that’s basically how it happened.

I know you’ve been rehearsing nonstop. Has Beyoncé given you any advice on giving a good show?

Her advice doesn’t come directly, it’s been indirect, to me. Watching her perform and her work ethic as far as rehearsing and all that kind of stuff, I kind of got that information from her that way, by just watching — just being a sponge.