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Q&A With 'Life Is But a Dream' Co-Director

Klaudia//February 16, 2013
Lights, Camera, Beyoncé!

The day has finally come for fans to take an intimate sneak peek inside the life of one of the world’s most successful superstars. Beyoncé’s highly anticipated HBO documentary, Life Is But a Dream, debuts today, and we can. not. wait.
In Touch sat down for a Q&A session with Ed Burke, the film's co-director, who dished about the singer’s family, privacy and performances. So what does he really think of Queen B? Find out below.

IT: What kind of guidelines or boundaries did Beyoncé give you for this film?
EB: “It was a really open creative process. We co-directed it together and she was really hands on. It was very strange— it was two years in the making, but it was the last two weeks is where it really landed. It was so fast, we did it without an interview first, which is very challenging to do. We then did our interview post pregnancy when she was in a completely different place and it balanced out everything.

IT: How has motherhood changed her?
EB: “I would say she’s happier. She seems to be more grounded — and I know they always say ‘kids are the best thing for you,’ but I got to say, it’s true in this case.”

IT: And what about Jay Z?
EB: “Well they are an amazing family. They’re very private about their personal life but he is an amazing father and husband and he actually makes me think about my relationship with my wife —that’s how good he is. It’s the most surprising thing in the whole documentary that he let some of that stuff go. He’s in there doing some beautiful things as a husband and as a father.”

IT: Was there one scene in particular that stands out?
EB: “The boat scene. There’s this beautiful boat moment—and of course I’m not there because I can’t those moments when it’s just him and her and they’re filming each other.”

IT: Why do you think such a private couple chose to reveal everything now?
EB: “It’s a really weird thing. I think she was still a little reserved about releasing it. And then she just went and killed at The Super Bowl so we could have done quite well without the documentary, but I think it’s important for people to see her for who she really is, which I don’t think many people have experienced yet.”

IT: What is the real Beyoncé?
EB: “She’s really humble, down-to-earth and normal, which I like. When we’re in the editing process, we’re open— you say whatever you want, you bring things up, and that’s how creative processes work.”

IT: Did you have to talk her into anything?
EB: “No, there was the one shot of "Resentment." She performed "Resentment"…it’s one camera for five minutes and she’s just singing. Usually you cut and do a wide or a close-up, but this was one shot.”

IT: Were there many times Bey put her foot down and said “We’re not airing this”?
EB: “Nothing. She was like, “Let’s do it, let’s try this.” There was nothing that she didn’t want in this film that is not in the film.

Be sure to check out Beyoncé’s documentary Life Is But a Dream tonight at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.