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Klaudia//November 1, 2020
Beyonce took to her website to address the current situation in Nigeria again.

"I'd also like to bring attention to critical issues that the Continent is facing right now.

Cameroon #AnglophoneCrisis
Congo #CongoIsBleeding
Liberia #RapeNationalEmeregncy
Namibia #ShutItAllDown
Nigeria #EndSARS
South Africa #AmINext
Ivory Coast and Ghana #ChildTrafficking
Zimbabwe #ZimbabweanLivesMatter

I listened to the voices of some young people from all parts of Africa and they are asking to be heard. They have seen too much that is wrong and they are crying out for the world to listen through our actions.

I am calling on my peers, friends and EVERYONE to join me. If you are unable to donate, click the links below to learn how you too can support.

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Feminist Coalition
Diaspora Rising
Enough Is Enough
Global Citizen

The Feminist Coalition supported peaceful protesters with the costs of medical care, food, legal assistance for those impacted by police brutality among other forms of support.

We recognized the impact of the coalition and through funding opportunities will continue to support those impacted by police brutality as well as the overall goal of the Feminist Coalition, which is to promote women’s rights in Nigeria.

We are happy that we have also been able to cover costs for emergency shelter for those left homeless as well as assist with transportation and telecom needs.

Still, the need is GREAT and requires each and every one of us. TOGETHER WITH ALL OF OUR COLLECTIVE EFFORTS WE CAN BRING ABOUT A CHANGE.

To my African Brothers and Sisters — I hear you and I see you!