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Klaudia//December 13, 2021
Beyonce took to her website to pay tribute the late Vicente Fernández.

Rsee//14 Dec 2021 02:40 am
Will forever be grateful for doing this and I really appreciate you from the bottle of heart. Crying in tear because never in the world I thought you pay a tribute to him but you did. I will forever be grateful because their Mexican singer such a selena Gomez who Mexican didn’t even pay tribute or acknowledging him but YOU AND THANK YOU SO MUCH FROM THE BOTTLE OF HEART ☹️🕊☹️❤️
Ros//14 Dec 2021 03:24 am
I really appreciate you from the bottle of my heart for acknowledging the death of Vicente Fernandez. He meant a lot to Mexicans especially during hard time. Thank you so much from the bottle of heart. May god bless you more and health to forever be great. Thank you so much Beyoncé 😞🕊💕 I don’t know how to thank you so much but hope you read this. Thank you and will forever remember this 💕🕊😔