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Beyoncé & Peloton Team Up Again For Expanded Workout Sessions

Klaudia//October 19, 2021
Peloton's most anticipated Artist Series is BACK with all-new classes. The Peloton x Beyoncé Artist Series is bringing 72 hours of powerful content, with 17 classes over a three-day period, available to all on the app, Bikes and Tread. Here’s what’s coming up:

  • 3 days
  • Cycling, Running, Tread Bootcamp, Strength, Yoga, Barre, Stretching and Outdoor content—so anyone can take the classes, no equipment required
  • Content across 3 languages: English, German and Spanish—a first for Peloton.
  • Special 2:1 classes taught by multiple instructors
  • Live and On Demand classes, so you can take them on your time

The first installment of our Peloton x Beyoncé Artist Series featured 5 iconic classes including 2 Cycling Classes, a Yoga flow, Strength, and Tread Bootcamp, which kept our Members coming back for more. This October, our collection of classes featuring Beyoncé’s music is about to get a whole lot bigger.

This newest chapter in our Peloton x Beyoncé Artist Series explores the relationship between our inner and outer power, how we harness motivation and source our strength with inspiration from the world around us and from within. Our instructors are curating classes to the sounds of Beyoncé and bringing the energy to the App, Bikes and Tread. Become a Peloton Member and get lost in the beat with a captivating, immersive experience you don't want to miss.

Together with Beyoncé, we’re also expanding our social impact partnership by providing the fitness facilities of 10 Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) with Peloton Bikes this fall. This initiative builds on Peloton and Beyoncé’s shared commitment to provide access to best-in-class fitness, inspiring this generation of HBCU students to source their power, physically and mentally, through movement. Thousands of students redeemed gifted Peloton digital memberships at the onset of the partnership, ensuring students can enjoy Peloton’s library of content on and off equipment.

Here’s how this year’s Artist Series works: To complement live Peloton x Beyoncé classes, daily on-demand drops will give you the chance to curate your personalized experience, across nine disciplines, including strength, cycling, running, barre and outdoor—which means no hardware necessary to participate! Every Peloton x Beyoncé Artist Series class can be accessed on the Peloton App, which new Members can try for a free 30-day trial period. It all kicks off with a two-for-one ride live from Peloton Studios London, so get yourself counted in here and be sure to download the Peloton App so you don’t miss a beat.