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Beyoncé Launches 'Cowboy Carter' Merch Partnership with Snapchat

Klaudia//July 4, 2024
Beyoncé has partnered with Snapchat to release an official Bitmoji collection to celebrate the launch of her Cowboy Carter merch line.

Fans can step into the world of Cowboy Carter through a visual experience generated with AI. Snaps feature yourself as Cowboy Carter with “SWEET ★ HONEY ★ BUCKIIN’” playing in the background. The full album is available to access in Snapchat’s Sound Library, for use as soundtrack to any Snaps, Stories, or Spotlight videos.

New custom Cowboy Carter outfits are available for Bitmoji, too. Beyoncé fans can shop and buy the same merch designs to rock IRL, including a Cowboy Carter Sash, crop tops, t-shirt, denim cowboy hat and more.

“We have so many ways for Snapchatters to express fandom for their favorite artists, whether it be adding Sounds to a Snap or Story, or combining music with iconic Lenses,” adds Manny Alder, Head of Music Strategy at Snapchat. “We’re thrilled to introduce our first-ever Lens experiences and Bitmoji Merch collection in partnership with Beyoncé. It’s a new way for our community to show support and interact with her iconic new album alongside friends both on and off Snapchat.”