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Megan Thee Stallion Credits Beyoncé For Advising Her To Launch A Tequila Brand

Klaudia//July 4, 2024
Having The Carters as mentors is a flex, especially when they’re giving out advice about how to become a mogul.

On Monday (July 1), Megan Thee Stallion revealed on Club Shay Shay that it was under the guidance of Beyoncé that she decided to venture into spirits and launch her own tequila brand.

“Beyoncé is actually the person that inspired me to get my own tequila,” explained the “BOA” rapper. “Because I used to be the cognac queen. I still am the cognac queen. But as much as I used to enjoy cognac, and I’ve promoted a lot of people’s liquor brands, she was like, ‘The next time I see you, you better have your own. You need to have your own alcohol.’”

Of the decision, Megan revealed, “When I was in the situation with and I wanted to get out of it, told me you need to do this on your own. Like, ‘You already know what it is. You already have all the tools. All the legal s**t you are going through, I know you are learning something. So you should figure out how to get out here and be your own boss.’”