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"4" countdown: Love on Top

Klaudia//June 24, 2011
"When I played Etta James it was the most I'd learned about myself until the recording of this album. When I went into the studio I used the same passion, honesty; and approach with my vocals I channeled as Etta James. It does not sound like the vocals on my past albums. It's a lot rawer. It comes from a deep place."

"4" countdown: Start Over

Klaudia//June 22, 2011
"For the first time in my life I was able to travel the world, hear different influences, see different types of dance and choreography and taste different types of food. It was important that I was able to digest everything. It inspired purity; more heart and more love."

Beyoncé Featured In TIME Magazine

Klaudia//June 21, 2011
In the latest issue of TIME, the venerable magazine compares Beyoncé to a well-performing stock portfolio. Market comparisons aside, TIME comes to the same conclusion we do: "bottom line," it's her music and dance moves that are the reasons "everyone loves Beyoncé". No argument there. The latest issue of TIME is on newsstands today.

"4" countdown: Party (feat. Andre 3000)

Klaudia//June 20, 2011
"I've always felt Beyonce one of the best performers of our time so to collaborate with her was an honor and a pleasure." - Andre 3000

4 showcases Beyonce's voice as a formidable instrument throughout. She effortlessly goes from a smoky alto to a sexy, powerful soprano that is equally at home on ballads as it is on head-bopping jams.

"4" countdown: Best Thing I Never Had

Klaudia//June 20, 2011
"What is the definition of perfection... or the closest thing to it? Beyonce. Icons are made. Stars are born. From the moment Beyonce took her first breath, her star was shining. What an honor it is for me to say that I danced with a true star. Or wrote. Same thing. :)" - Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds

"4" countdown: I Miss You

Klaudia//June 18, 2011
"The album is definitely an evolution. It's bolder than the music on my previous albums because I'm bolder. The more mature I become and the more life experiences I have, the more I have to talk about. I really focused on songs being classics, songs that would last, songs that I could sing when I'm 40 and when I'm 60."

"4" countdown: 1+1

Klaudia//June 17, 2011
4 is a twelve-song collection born of the diverse sounds and sights Beyonce experienced during her year-long time away from the spotlight. It is her self-described musical gumbo. Much like the dish, the album serves as a melting pot of musical styles punctuated by her undeniable vocal abilities.