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Latest news Aretha Franklin Forever In Our Hearts

August 16, 2018

Beyonce took to her website to pay tribute to Aretha Franklin, who died today.

On the Run II Tour in Detroit (August 13)

August 15, 2018

Beyonce and Jay-Z performed during the On the Run II Tour at the Ford Field stadium in Detroit, MI on August 13.

On the Run II Tour in Chicago (August 11)

August 15, 2018

Beyonce and Jay-Z performed for the second time at the Soldier Field stadium in Chicago, IL on August 11. The couple performed "Summer" for the first time and Bey sang her rap verse from "Apeshit." She also wore a new costume. After the show, she wrote: "2 incredible nights in Chicago complete! Thank you!"

On the Run II Tour in Chicago (August 10)

August 15, 2018

Beyonce and Jay-Z performed during the On the Run II Tour at the Soldier Field stadium in Chicago, IL on August 10. The singer wore a new costume!

On the Run II Tour in Minneapolis (August 8)

August 15, 2018

Beyonce and Jay-Z performed during the On the Run II Tour at the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, MN on August 8.

Minnesota Governor Announces Statewide 'Beyoncé and Jay-Z Day'

August 15, 2018

Minnesota Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton declared August 8th as a statewide “Beyoncé and Jay-Z Day” in anticipation of the megastar couple’s concert in Minneapolis. “Beyoncé and Jay-Z have taken home numerous awards from platforms such as the Grammy Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, BET Awards, American Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, and NAACP Image Awards, among others and have sold millions of records worldwide,” Dayton wrote in an official proclamation.

“Through their lives and music, Beyoncé and Jay-Z have inspired Minnesotans, and music fans around the world,” he continued.

The proclamation was signed shortly before the couple gave a joint concert at the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis.

Dayton’s announcement comes over two years after he declared May 23rd as statewide ‘Beyoncé Day’ before the 36-year-old singer gave a concert in Minneapolis in 2016. Neither one of the pair were born or raised in Minnesota, with Beyoncé from Texas while Jay-Z is from New York.

Throwback: Backstage with Destiny's Child in the Summer of 2001

August 15, 2018

Photographer Gillian Laub revisits some outtakes from an emotional day with Beyoncé, Michelle, Kelly, and the Knowles family.

In the summer of 2001, I was commissioned by The New York Times Magazine to photograph Destiny’s Child for a special women’s issue. The theme was women photographing women. It was one of my earliest commissions, and I was over the moon when I got the call. I spent the day backstage as they prepared for that evening’s concert in Albany, New York. I loved what a family affair this was. Beyoncé Knowles was surrounded by her parents, sister, and her cousins. It felt like Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams, and Beyoncé were sisters, too. Before the trio went onstage, they said a prayer that felt so earnest and pure, it almost felt intrusive to photograph. But now, I’m so glad I did.

Beyonce Spotted in NYC (August 6)

August 15, 2018

Beyonce was spotted getting dinner with Jay-Z in New York on August 6.

Tyler Mitchell Addresses Rumors About Beyoncé's Vogue Cover

August 15, 2018

Tyler Mitchell took to Twitter on Monday to support the claim made by Anna Wintour that her and Raul Martinez, Condé Nast’s Corporate Creative Director, were the ones responsible for hiring him for Beyoncé’s Vogue September cover.

"An article from @BoF explaining the leaks and rumors around our shoot. The truth is Raul Martinez and Anna Wintour proposed and hired me for the Vogue shoot and Beyoncé quickly agreed."

Wintour shot down reports that Bey was the only one involved with picking Mitchell, marking the first time that Vogue hired a black photographer to shoot a cover for the publication in its 126-year history. Instead, she stated the credit belongs to Martinez. "The concept and the photographer was entirely Vogue’s, specifically Raul’s," she told BoF.

Martinez says he first became aware of Mitchell after seeing his work in March’s Teen Vogue digital cover where he photographed gun control activists. When Beyoncé was presented with a list of photographers to work with for her shoot, she “immediately approved” Mitchell because of the historical implications that came with his hiring. He was also well known within Beyoncé’s inner circle after previously photographing her sister Solange.

Wintour also responded to the report that Beyoncé was given full editorial control, saying that like other big stars who grace the cover, it was more of a collaboration. As for those rumors of her departure as editor-in-chief, Wintour fired back, "I’m not going to address it, I’m not going to address it."

Beyoncé's September Vogue Issue in Her Own Words: Her Life, Her Body, Her Heritage

August 15, 2018

Do you remember a world before Beyoncé? The singer has been in our hearts and headphones for more than 20 years, from teenager to mother of three. The Queen graces Vogue’s September issue this year, sharing the story of her latest pregnancy and delivery, her thoughts on body acceptance and the influence of her ancestry, and the legacy she hopes to leave her children. Beyoncé’s fourth Vogue cover is also historic: It was shot by 23-year-old Tyler Mitchell, a rising young black photographer from Atlanta, hand-selected by the star. In this month’s cover slideshow, the Houston native stuns in Louis Vuitton, Valentino, and Gucci.

Latest photos



The Formation World Tour

Album: Lemonade
Start date: April 27, 2016
End date: October 7, 2016
Legs: North America, Europe
Shows: 49

01. Formation
02. Sorry
03. Irreplaceable
04. Bow Down / Tom Ford
05. Run the World (Girls)
06. Mine
07. Baby Boy
08. Hold Up
09. Countdown
10. Me, Myself and I
11. Runnin' (Lose It All)
12. All Night
13. Don't Hurt Yourself
14. Five to One / Ring the Alarm
15. Diva
16. Yoncé
17. Flawless (Remix)
18. Feeling Myself
19. Drunk in Love
20. Rocket
21. Partition
22. Daddy Lessons
23. Love On Top
24. 1+1
25. The Beautiful Ones
26. Crazy in Love (2014 Remix) / Crazy In Love
27. Bootylicious
28. Naughty Girl
29. Party
30. Freedom
31. Survivor
32. End of Time / Grown Woman
33. Halo

On the Run Tour

Start date: June 25, 2014
End date: September 13, 2014
Legs: North America, Europe
Shows: 21

01. '03 Bonnie & Clyde
02. Upgrade U
03. Crazy In Love
04. Show Me What You Got
05. Diamonds From Sierra Leone (Remix)
06. I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me)
07. Tom Ford
08. Run the World (Girls)
09. Flawless
10. Yoncé
11. Jigga My Nigga
12. Dirt Off Your Shoulder
13. Naughty Girl
14. Big Pimpin'
15. Ring the Alarm
16. On to the Next One
17. Clique
18. Diva
19. Baby Boy
20. U Don't Know
21. Ghost / Haunted
22. No Church in the Wild
23. Drunk In Love
24. Public Service Announcement
25. Why Don't You Love Me
26. Holy Grail
27. FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt
28. Beach Is Better
29. Partition
30. 99 Problems
31. If I Were A Boy
32. Ex-Factor
33. Song Cry
34. Resentment
35. Love On Top
36. Izzo (H.O.V.A.)
37. Niggas In Paris
38. Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)
39. Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem)
40. Pretty Hurts
41. Part II (On the Run)
42. Young Forever
43. Halo
44. Lift Off

The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour 2014

Start date: February 20, 2014
End date: March 27, 2014
Legs: Europe
Shows: 25

01. Run the World (Girls)
02. Flawless
03. Yoncé
04. Get Me Bodied
05. Baby Boy
06. Diva
07. Naughty Girl
08. Blow
09. Partition
10. Haunted
11. Drunk in Love
12. 1+1
13. Why Don't You Love Me
14. Irreplaceable
15. Love on Top
16. Crazy in Love
17. Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)
18. I Will Always Love You
19. Heaven
20. XO
21. Halo

The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour 2013

Album: 4
Start date: April 15, 2013
End date: December 22, 2013
Legs: Europe, North America, South America, Australia
Shows: 107

01. Run the World (Girls)
02. End of Time
03. Flaws and All
04. If I Were a Boy / Bitter Sweet Symphony
05. Get Me Bodied
06. Baby Boy
07. Diva
08. Naughty Girl
09. Party
10. Freakum Dress
11. I Care
12. I Miss You
13. Schoolin' Life
14. Why Don't You Love Me
15. 1+1
16. Irreplaceable
17. Love on Top
18. Survivor
19. Crazy in Love
20. Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) / Movin' on Up
21. Grown Woman
22. I Will Always Love You
23. Halo

I Am... Tour

Album: I Am... Sasha Fierce
Start date: March 26, 2009
End date: February 18, 2010
Legs: Europe, North America, Australia, Asia, Africa, South America
Shows: 108

01. Deja Vu
02. Crazy in Love
03. Naughty Girl
04. Freakum Dress
05. Get Me Bodied
06. Smash Into You
07. Ave Maria
08. Broken-Hearted Girl
09. If I Were a Boy
10. Diva
11. Radio
12. Ego
13. Hello
14. Baby Boy
15. You Don't Love Me (No, No, No)
16. Irreplaceable
17. Check on It
18. Medley:
- Bootylicious
- Bug a Boo
- Jumpin', Jumpin'
19. Upgrade U
20. Video Phone
21. Say My Name
22. At Last
23. Listen
24. Scared of Lonely
25. Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)
26. Halo

The Beyoncé Experience Tour

Album: B'Day
Start date: April 10, 2007
End date: November 12, 2007
Legs: Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, Africa
Shows: 97

01. Crazy in Love
02. Freakum Dress
03. Green Light
04. Baby Boy
05. Beautiful Liar
06. Naughty Girl
07. Me, Myself and I
08. Dangerously in Love
09. Flaws and All
10. Destiny's Child Medley
- Independent Women Part 1
- Bootylicious
- No, No, No
- Bug a Boo (H-Town Screwed Down Mix)
- Bills, Bills, Bills
- Cater 2 U
- Say My Name
- Jumpin', Jumpin'
- Soldier
- Survivor
11. Speechless
12. Ring The Alarm
13. Suga Mama
14. Upgrade U
15. '03 Bonnie & Clyde (Beyoncé's Prince Mix)
16. Check on It (Special Tour Version)
17. Deja Vu
18. Get Me Bodied (Extended Mix)
19. Welcome to Hollywood (Video Interlude)
20. Deena / Dreamgirls Medley
21. Listen
22. Irreplaceable

Destiny Fulfilled... and Lovin' It Tour

Album: Destiny Fulfilled
Start date: April 9, 2005
End date: September 10, 2005
Legs: Asia, Australia, Middle East, Europe, North America
Shows: 67

01. Say My Name
02. Independent Women Part I
03. No, No, No Part 2
04. Bug A Boo
05. Bills, Bills, Bills
06. Bootylicious
07. Jumpin' Jumpin'
08. Soldier
09. Dilemma
10. Do You Know
11. Baby Boy
12. Naughty Girl
13. Cater 2 U
14. Girl
15. Free
16. If
17. Through With Love
18. Bad Habit
19. Dangerously In Love
20. Crazy in Love
21. Survivor
22. Lose My Breath

Verizon Ladies First Tour

Album: Dangerously in Love
Start date: March 12, 2004
End date: April 21, 2004
Legs: North America
Shows: 30

01. Baby Boy
02. Naughty Girl
03. Me, Myself and I
04. Say My Name
05. Medley:
- Independent Women Part I
- Bootylicious
- '03 Bonnie & Clyde
- Jumpin', Jumpin'
- Survivor
06. Hip Hop Star
07. Gift from Virgo
08. Be With You
09. Speechless
10. Summertime
11. Dangerously in Love 2
12. Crazy in Love

Dangerously in Love Tour

Album: Dangerously in Love
Start date: November 3, 2003
End date: November 19, 2003
Legs: Europe
Shows: 9

01. Baby Boy
02. Naughty Girl
03. Fever
04. Hip Hop Star
05. Yes
06. Work It Out
07. Gift from Virgo
08. Be with You
09. Speechless
10. Medley:
- Bug a Boo
- No, No, No Part 2
- Bootylicious
- Jumpin', Jumpin'
- Say My Name
- Independent Women Part I
- '03 Bonnie & Clyde
- Survivor
11. Me, Myself and I
12. Summertime
13. Dangerously in Love 2
14. Crazy in Love

Destiny's Child World Tour

Album: Survivor
Start date: April 29, 2002
End date: June 24, 2002
Legs: Australia, Europe
Shows: 32

01. Independent Women Part I
02. No, No, No Part 2
03. Bug a Boo
04. Bills, Bills, Bills
05. Get on the Bus
06. Nasty Girl
07. Emotion
08. Ooh Child
09. Heard A Word
10. Dangerously in Love
11. Gospel Medley
12. Bootylicious
13. Say My Name
14. Work It Out
15. Proud Mary
16. Jumpin', Jumpin'
17. Survivor
18. Happy Face

MTV's TRL Tour

Album: Survivor
Start date: July 18, 2001
End date: September 23, 2001
Legs: North America
Shows: 42

01. Independent Women Part I
02. No, No, No Part 2
03. Bug a Boo
04. Bills, Bills, Bills
05. Say My Name
06. Emotion
07. The Story of Beauty
08. Ooh Child
09. Dangerously in Love
10. Gospel Medley
11. Bootylicious
12. Nasty Girl
13. Jumpin', Jumpin'
14. Survivor
15. Happy Face