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Tina Knowles on Beyoncé's natural hair

Klaudia//May 25, 2024
Tina Knowles talked to about her daughter's natural hair and more.

There’s been a lot of conversation since Beyoncé posted a video of her 'Cécred Sunday' haircare routine. When she showed of her long, healthy natural hair, it sparked commentary about when, where and how she chooses to show her natural hair. Why do you think people are so fixated on that?

Beyoncé wears wigs a lot, right? She's been open and vocal about that. You know, in the first of couple years (of her performing), she didn’t want anything in her hair — no kind of extensions, nothing. And then she learned that with all the curling, sweating and all of that, it was important to wear wigs sometimes to protect her real hair and also easily transition between looks.

A lot of times, we are seeing her hair, but people assume it's a wig. So that's always started a lot of chatter, like, "Oh, she doesn't have any hair. She’s baldheaded."

What was really important to us is that Cécred, as a brand, is bigger than her. We didn’t want her to take away the attention of how great the products were. Yes, people buy them because Beyoncé uses them. But she wanted people to really get to know and understand the breadth of the brand before she shared how she herself uses it.

She actually shot that video when we did the launch in February, but she just did not want it out, because she didn't want herself to be the focus. And the more they said, "Oh she won’t show us her hair," the more she didn’t want to show it. So we had a hard time getting her to finally put that video out.

Beyonce Nominated at the 2024 BET Awards

Klaudia//May 19, 2024
Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Beyoncé have scored the most nominations for the upcoming 2024 BET Awards, which is scheduled to air on the network on June 30 at 8:00 p.m. ET.

The full list of all the nominations was revealed on Thursday (May 16), with Beyonce up for five awards. Voting for the BET Awards' 2024 Viewer's Choice Award begins June 6 and ends June 30.

Best female R&B/pop artist
Coco Jones
Doja Cat
Muni Long
Victoria Monét

"Cuff It" Wins at the 2024 ASCAP Pop Music Awards

Klaudia//May 12, 2024
On May 8, the ASCAP family gathered in celebration of the 2024 ASCAP Pop Music Awards winners – the songwriters, producers and publishers of the biggest hits of the past year. "Cuff It" was on of the winners in the Songwriters & Publishers category.

Writers: Blu June, The-Dream, Morten “Rissi” Ristorp, Beyoncé, Allen McGrier and Raphael Saadiq
Publishers: Eleven Eleven Studios, Sony Music Publishing, Halla!Halla! Publishing, MC NELLA MUSIC, Midnight Magnet Music Publishing, Oakland 13 Music, Roynet Music, Ugmoe Music, Universal Music Publishing Group and Warner Chappell Music

Beyonce's 'Cowboy Carter' crosses 1 billion streams on Spotify

Klaudia//May 10, 2024
Beyoncé continues to make waves in the music industry with her latest album, Cowboy Carter.

Within just two months of its release on March 29, Queen Bey’s expansive 27-track album has surpassed one billion streams on Spotify – a significant milestone confirmed by Parkwood Entertainment on Wednesday, May 8.

Beyoncé Was "A Mom First" Working With Daughter Blue Ivy Carter on 'Mufasa'

Klaudia//April 30, 2024
Beyoncé's eldest daughter Blue Ivy Carter, 12, has joined her mom as a voice actor on upcoming live-action movie Mufasa: The Lion King.

Beyoncé already voiced Nala in 2019's The Lion King, and returns as the lioness, with Blue Ivy playing her on-screen lion cub Kiara.

This marks the pre-teen's movie debut, though she's already appeared on screen in a handful of Beyoncé's music videos, plus the visual album movie Black Is King.

Mufasa director Barry Jenkins spoke to Good Morning America about working with the mother-daughter duo, and it sounds like it was an amazing experience for him.

"Beyoncé is this larger-than-life figure, but when she's working with her daughter, when she's in the room with her daughter, she's a mom first," the filmmaker explained. "So much of that energy bled into the film."

It's not hard to see why it made sense for Bey and Blue to voice-act together in the movie.

Beyoncé and Blue Ivy Carter Play Mother-Daughter in Disney's Lion King Prequel

Klaudia//April 29, 2024
The original king of lions is getting his own origin story — and will be joined by real-life queen Beyoncé and her daughter Blue Ivy Carter.

Mufasa: The Lion King, Disney’s new prequel to the 2019 blockbuster live-action Lion King, debuted its first trailer on Monday, April 29, giving a stunning glimpse of Mufasa (voiced by Aaron Pierre), Scar (Kelvin Harrison Jr.) and their home in the African Pride Lands.

Beyoncé, 42, reprises her role as Nala from the 2019 film. Blue Ivy, 12, voices the daughter of King Simba (a returning Donald Glover) and Queen Nala, named Kiara — a character who last appeared in 1998’s animated The Lion King II: Simba's Pride.

Beyonce poised to perform at the 2024 MTV Video Music Awards

Klaudia//April 28, 2024
Beyoncé will perform at the MTV Video Music Awards to mark its 40th anniversary this September.

It’s a huge moment for the show, which hasn’t seen the Cowboy Carter star grace its stage since 2016 when she cleaned up with eight wins and performed a 16-minute Lemonade medley. Even having earned VMA nominations in 2018, 2020, and 2021, the 42-year-old still didn’t grace the show with an appearance and skipped last year’s to tour with Renaissance.

“Beyoncé is a huge get for the VMAs and will be a huge ratings draw," a source said, “She is currently figuring out how her appearance will look and whether it will be one song or a tribute similar to her 2014 closing performance when she received the prestigious Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award."

The source continued: “As it’s such a big year, the ceremony wants to reclaim some of its prestige so reality TV stars from some of the more lowbrow shows and Tik Tok will have had a harder time gaining entry while artists like Dua Lipa, Muni Long and Billie Eilish will be given priority treatment."

“They are also hoping to book Taylor Swift," they added.

The VMAs will return to New York on September 10 - just four days shy of the 40th anniversary of the inaugural ceremony held at Radio City Music Hall. The VMAs will air in more than 150 countries and territories, reaching a reported 319 million households.

Beyoncé surprises 2-year-old fan with sweet gift after viral TikTok

Klaudia//April 25, 2024
Beyoncé-Knowles Carter heard the cry of a young boy asking his mom for the singer in a viral TikTok video and decided to send him a special gift.

Over the last week, a video has been making rounds on social media of a 2-year-old boy named Tyler in the Philippines asking his mother, digital creator Bea Fabregas (@beafabregas on TikTok and Instagram), "Where’s Beyoncé?" while the two ate pizza.

In the TikTok video, Tyler repeatedly asks his mother about the Grammy Award-winning singer's whereabouts before he innocently asks his mom, "Can I visit Beyoncé?" to which Fabregas lets him know she does not know the singer personally.

Eventually Fabregas lets her son know that she isn't actually friends with the superstar and couldn't make that happen. However, it was clear that Tyler was not taking no for answer, declaring that Beyoncé was in fact his friend and he wanted to meet her.

The video of Tyler and his mom garnered millions of views and tons of shares and likes. With the help of the internet, it landed right in front of Beyoncé, who decided to send the young boy her favorite blue flowers and a stuffed animal with a sweet message.