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Awards Shows & Appearances

On special occasions Beyonce likes to wear dresses. There is a huge variety of her outfits. When she goes elegant the dress has to be long and tight. Black and white are the colors most wanted. But shiny gold or silver dresses are also good. When the party is not so elegant Bee wears wavy and colorful dresses in summer style or short, tight and sexy shiny dresses.


In her free time Bee wears sporty clothes, most often jeans and a T-shirt. When she is going to a restaurant or hanging out with friends she wears a short sporty dress.


When it comes to performances, clothes have to be more comfortable. Awards shows and galas deserve a sexy, wavy dress or a shiny (gold or silver) outfit. When it comes to short, non elegant performances Bee wears a T-shirt and jeans or a sporty top with a skirt.


On the beach Bee wears a sexy bikini, she hardly ever puts on a sporty swimsuit. When it gets colder she ties a shawl on her waist. Bikinis are very colorful, Bee likes bright orange or red ones but she also falls for retro-styled blacks or brown-green ones.