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Beyonce Leaves India (December 10)

December 10, 2018

Beyonce was spotted at the Maharana Pratap Airport in Udaipur, India earlier today.

Isha Ambani & Anand Piramal's Pre-Wedding Party

December 9, 2018

Beyonce performed at Isha Ambani and Anand Piramal's pre-wedding party in India today.

Beyonce Arrives in India (December 9)

December 9, 2018

Beyonce arrived at the Maharana Pratap Airport in Udaipur, India today to perform at a pre-wedding celebration for Isha Ambani and Anand Piramal.

Ysabel restaurant in West Hollywood (November 4)

December 9, 2018

Beyonce was spotted last month leaving Diddy's birthday party at the Ysabel restaurant in West Hollywood.

The Carters Nominated for Three Grammys

December 7, 2018

Nominations for the 2019 Grammy Awards were announced on Friday morning. The Carters have been nominated in three categories. This year the ceremony is slated for February 10.

Best R&B Performance
LONG AS I LIVE - Toni Braxton
SUMMER - The Carters
Y O Y - Lalah Hathaway
BEST PART - H.E.R. Featuring Daniel Caesar

Best Urban Contemporary Album
CHRIS DAVE AND THE DRUMHEDZ - Chris Dave And The Drumhedz
WAR & LEISURE - Miguel
VENTRILOQUISM - Meshell Ndegeocello

Best Music Video
APES*** - The Carters
THIS IS AMERICA - Childish Gambino
I’M NOT RACIST - Joyner Lucas
PYNK - Janelle Monáe
MUMBO JUMBO - Tierra Whack

Mandela 100: The City

December 5, 2018

Beyonce shared new photos from South Africa.

UPDATE: She posted even more photos.

Beyonce Leaves South Africa (December 3)

December 4, 2018

Beyonce was spotted at an airport in South Africa yesterday.

Jay Brown's Birthday Party

December 4, 2018

Beyonce attended a private party for Jay Brown's birthday while in South Africa.

On the Run II Tour Nominated at the 2019 Pollstar Awards

December 3, 2018

Pollstar has announced the nominees for the 30th annual Pollstar Awards honoring the top achievers in the live entertainment industry. The ceremony will conclude the 30th annual Pollstar Live! Conference, which runs Feb. 11-13 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles. The awards, presented by Live Nation, recognize the most successful artists, executives, venues, events and companies in the thriving global live entertainment business.

Beyonce and Jay-Z's On the Run II Tour has been nominated in two categories:

Major Tour of the Year
Ed Sheeran | ÷ Tour
Taylor Swift | Taylor Swift reputation Stadium Tour
Bruno Mars | 24K Magic World Tour
Beyoncé & Jay-Z | On The Run II Tour
Drake | Aubrey & The Three Amigos Tour

Best Hip-Hop/R&B
Drake | Aubrey & The Three Amigos Tour
Beyoncé & Jay-Z | On The Run II Tour
Post Malone | Beerbongs & Bentleys Tour
Travis Scott | Astroworld: Wish You Were Here Tour
Top Dawg Entertainment (Kendrick Lamar, SZA, Schoolboy Q, Jay Rock & More) | The Championship Tour
Childish Gambino | This Is America Tour

Johannesburg restaurant (December 1)

December 3, 2018

Beyonce was spotted at a restaurant in Johannesburg over the weekend.

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Fan of the month

If you want to become a fan of the month, email me, describe your love for Beyoncé and explain why I should choose you.

July 2016 - Emma

I'd like to be Beyonce's fan of the month. I love Beyonce for various reasons. I like the kind of music she composes and how she can fuel emotions into them and it feels so real. she definitely does it from the heart. Beyonce is beautiful and she is an inspirational singer. one of my favorite songs is 'I was here!' This song inspires me everyday to become better and be of some impact to my surrounding as I aspire to change the world. She is a true role model to me. In this generation and error, it is so hard to have married celebrities with toned down lives and families. Her voice is incredible, her style is amazing. The choice of husband she has and how she carries herself around. Bey is a true blessing to me and meeting her would be one of me dream come trues. I'd also like to up my music and take her career further in days to come. Giving me this award would be the best birthday gift I'd have for my 19th birthday. Just turned 19 on 5th of this month.

With thanks,
Emma Watson!

April 2016 - Haileigh

Hi my name is Haileigh and I am a trully Queen B fan because she inspires me to sing. Yes u sing a little. So if you give me one chance to meet you it would be an honor. I love you and you are my favorite singer. I sing a lot in church so can you give me an opportunity to meet you and show you what I got. 😢😢😢plz

July 2015 - Destiny

Hi, my name is Destiny. Well I am a big lover/ fan of Beyoncé. I love her so much because she inspires to me to be a good and better person to take care of myself & to rise. She motivates me when im at the gym working out & motivates me to continue what I have planned for the future for myself , shes taught me these lines that I love so much and deep " I concentrate what I want to say to the world , I run my world " and damn right do I do it I let nobody think or take control of me I do things my way and for myself. She is always there for me when I cry & when im insecure and low self esteem and thru my breakups she turns all that pain into happiness never have I felt so energetic & loved. All this happiness and confidence came from her and I love her so much for teaching me to be strong , confident & fierce. From now on I will always rise Beyoncé knows how it feels to be cheated on and it happened to me she was there for me she is my big sister and role model I look up to her for much she is my hero. Her personality just makes her one hell of a beautiful person she is herself , she's natural, she doesn't compare herself to anything or wishes to be like someone else she is herself and is natural from head to toe and is always beautiful and slaying as always!! She helps me with so much and makes me the happiest person & confident one too! I know that what ever happens in the future shes gonna be the one to lift me up. It is crazy to know that she understands me very very much! She understands me very clearly from heart and emotions and securities and she is everything to me I will love her til the day I die. Never have I seen her perform but hopefully she makes another tour I will be willing to go and see my hero perform for the very first time it will be a life changing and emotional moment for me seeing her she makes me cry everytime I watch videos of her because she is so nice. Beyoncé is a person who keeps a smile that is permanent on her face day after day and is a hardworking lady. Someday I want to be like my queen. If I saw Beyoncé I would definetely thank her from heart and cry and tell her how much I love her because of her I never been so proud of the fierce young girl I am & I will forever love her til the day I die I will forever be loyal to the beyhive and stan for my queen B! 👑🐝

December 2014 - Bola

Wow! Where do I start from? Bey is not only an inspiration to me but a big part of my life. Everytime I listen to her songs or watch any of her videos from when she was an amazing little girl fro‎m Houston with so much focus, vision, hardwork, determination, ambition that most little kids wouldn't probably even think of at that tender age, till now that she is a grown woman, I feel on top of the world, like I can do anything. Beyonce's continuous hard work, inborn, pure, natural talent and ever increasing passion for music get to every bone of me. I get encouraged to try harder to make my dreams come alive. Even when I feel I'm not getting it right at all, she makes me wanna take a step further and keep trying. She is my emotional motivation, which is one of my biggest source of motivation. I know everything a true fan should know about her. I have watched lots and lots of her videos, from music videos, to live performances, to interviews, videos of her meeting with some fans, name them. I know most of her songs by heart. Beyonce is an inspiration to many, a force to be reckoned with, a leader, a hero, a pace setter and a genuine friend to strangers or no strangers! She deserves to be where she is now coz she has worked very hard for it. God bless you Bey and I do hope to meet you someday. Your biggest fan, Bola from Nigeria.

September 2012 - Mariel

Hi there. Well, let me show u why I should be fan of the month.
What is Beyonce Knowles for me?? Bey is my inspiration ... my role model, my everything. I have this big interest on everything she does and on whatever is happening in her life... She brings emotions that I don't normally show to me, like cry when I listen to her music or watch her DVDs... I have a fan site as well, u can go and look at it at and u will see better how much I love Bey!!!

August 2012 - Nachaary

Hello, I am from Spain!!! When Destiny's Child released their first album, I became a Beyonce fan and I can tell I know almost everything about her. Everytime I'm on my computer, I go to Beyonce websites and read about what's happening in her life. I also have a collection of her photos, perfumes and CDs. I have gone to all her concerts in Spain, know the lyrics to all her songs and even the dance routines (also the difficult ones, like "Deja Vu" and "Crazy in Love"). That being said, if I didn't have Beyonce, I would feel I'm missing something in my life. I love Beyonce!!!

July 2006 - Veronique

Hi my name is Veronique. C
Beyoncé has been my favorite singer in my life.
She's a true star and that's why I love her. I have so much marchandise of her that I'm becoming poor, lol. From all her CDs with DC and her, Barbie, hair products, perfumes, DVDs, movies and a lot more concerts official stuff. I'M SO PROUD ABOUT BEING ONE OF HER LOVED FAN. I love BEYONCÉ and i hope she could know it.

June 2006 - Christian

I first noticed DC/Bee when Bug A Boo/Bills Bills Bills came out and I've been a huge fan ever since. I record al their performances, videos, interviews whatever. I have all their cd's, books, almost all their magazines as well. I think they're great role models and I admire how they're all still humble and the same down home country girls they were back in 97 even with all their success over the years. They're the example of what hard work and determination is and where it can get you. There music is appropriate for all audiences and they have to be one of the best performers out there they can hype up any audience. And what can you say about Beyonce. She has to be one of the most hard working women in the industry. She's always on point and is so multi talented. I applaud her for not always being in the tabloids for getting drunk and dancing on tables, Vegas weddings, chain dating, drugs, and all the other stuff that celebrities get caught up in. I will continue to be a fan until she puts down the mic.

November 2005 - Melanie

My passion to Beyonce Knowles have been begined after "Bootylicious" video. I was interested about her voice and the way she sing. I have collected any information and posters and also I have bought singles, albums and gadgets with Bee. Every day I've searched any information in internet and I have made contact with fans from Poland and other countrys! Decoration in my room were walls with many posters. My drawers were filled a lot of information and photos. I've made five notebooks with press materials, my opinions, information from internet and papers with important dates etc. Now my collection isn't big but I'm still thinking that Beyonce is #1 princess of R&B music! Melanie

October 2005 - Yaz

Hi, I'm Yaz. I am a massive Beyonce fan! She inspires me, each day I wake up to be a better person. I'd love for one day to be like her. I love her solo music and Destiny's Child. It's such a shame for them to be splitting. Also I love Beyonce and Jay-Z as a couple and I am so happy they are getting married, they are such a great couple! I wish them a world of happiness. Beyonce should be an inspiration to all her fans. She's the one who gets me through my exams. I just think of one of her songs and get on with it. I hope she does just as well as she does in the future.

September 2005 - Kelechi

I am going to sound like some crazy fan, but I absolutely love Beyonce. She is beautiful, smart, and has a fantastic personality. She has everything... style (I love her style), beauty, grace, brains, and she even has a man, who loves and appreciates her. I want to be like her, but in a different field / way, that is I do not want to be in the spotlight exactly. Well, I would love to model but I don't know if that is ever going to happen for me. I don't even know how to go about it. I eventually want to pursue a profession in the field of law, and ironically enough, Beyonce is a role model for me. The way she carries herself is almost ... dare i say it ... inspirational. I love the fact that she pursues everything that she wants and still manages to do it in good taste. I can definitely understand why Rhianna would be in shock when she saw Beyonce... I mean who wouldn't!

This came out to be more of a fan letter than anything else (smile). If there is any way that this can get to Beyonce please do. I would just like her to know how much i admire her, and keep her informed that what ever she is doing, don't ever stop because it is definitely working.

Kelechi (Kelly)

August 2005 - Bruma

Hello :)

Beyonce Knowels is not only a huge inspiration for me but also an ideal of a woman. Beautiful, talented and gorgeous :)
I became interested in her four years ago, after I bought BRAVO magazine. There was a really long article about DC. Since then, I've been a true fan of Bee. I collect Beyonce stuff (mostly CDs, singles, magazine articles and pictures). Everyday I visit various websites about her. I also made contact with her fans thanks to different chats and fanlistings. My computer is loaded with Bee files and photos, and the walls of my room are filled with her posters!! On every trip abroad I buy some (even tiniest) Beyonce-related item, like a poster or a CD single.
Beyonce Knowels is an angel on earth who made me a better person.
I hope she'll be in my heart for a very long time <3


July 2005 - Karolina

Hey =) My name is Karolina. My love for Beyonce started in a totally normal way. I don't have any crazy or funny story. But I remember the moment I fell in love with Beyonce's voice to this day. I was sitting in front of the TV, changing the channel from MTV to VIVA and VIVA to MTV again and again out of boredom, and that was the first time I heard "Crazy In Love", which makes even a most bored person dance. I liked it right away and I listened to it over and over again for a long time. After a while I heard "Baby Boy", which was recorded with Sean Paul. The song blew me away even more, as it has great melody and exotic vibe. This way, I had both Beyonce hits playing in my head for a long time. So I decided to find out more about her. I visited numerous websites and had tons of her photos on my computer. But I totally flipped out over Beyonce when I downloaded for the first time her "Dangerously in Love" performance. She showed there what she's capable of and how powerful and beautiful her voice is. After that, I downloaded only more and more performances and each was exceptional and amazing. Finally, I managed to save up some money and bought her solo album, which turned out to be mind-blowing. Every song on the CD is amazing and close to my heart. But my favorites are "Me, Myself and I" and "Be With You". My fascination over Beyonce grew more and more. I started to collect magazine articles about her (currently I have tons of them because I always get something from my friends =)). Now that nearly one year has passed, my collection consists of Beyonce solo album, "Live at Wembley" DVD, "The Fighting Temptations" OST and all movies she's starred in. As for Destiny's Child, for now I only have their first album, which is beyond great, and "Survivor" CD.
Beyonce is my moral support. Everytime I get sad, I watch her photos and just looking at her smile makes me feel better. She gives me strength because I know that everything she's achieved, she has because of her persistence and strong will. She's the reason I understood that if you really want something, you can get it, but you can never give up. Above all, she's my role model. Her strong will, power and self-discipline is for me just incredible :). I hope someday I'll be able to listen to her wonderful voice live, however, my biggest dream is to get her autograph, but I don't think I'll ever do... =( Best wishes to all the fans =)

June 2005 - Olitunia

Everyone has their idols and a role models. One of mine is Beyonce. She's a beautiful talented woman. She has deep faith and is not afraid to talk about her beliefs and traditions. She takes care of her friends and family and doesn't forget about them because of her fame. She's down-to-earth and always thinks about others despite her huge success, which she achieved thanks to her amazing voice. She's hasn't become some stuck-up doll who is greedy for money and adoration. I think that Bee has huge potential and is going to achieve even more than she has thus far. Olitunia

January 2005 - OliKaRud

When I was 10 years old, I started to get sick a lot so I filled my free time with watching TV... When I was surfing the channels, I came across a German music station "Viva", as there wasn't a Polish version of the channel back then. I wasn't paying attention to the music that was on at the moment but the song was melodious and catchy. It was sung by a group of four girls, Destiny's Child. All the singers looked fantastic but the one that caught my eye was Beyonce, who had curly hair in the "Bug a Boo" music video. I started to style my Barbie dolls' hair "a la Destiny's Child". My mum even bought me a Barbie with curly hair that looked like Beyonce. Then came their next albums and singles, and of course... my craziness... It made me really sad when the girls recorded "Suvivor" album as a trio and after its great success decided to go on a hiatus and pursue solo careers. But I remained a huge fan of Bee and her bandmates. I follow their career moves and the "Destiny Fulfilled" album they released in late 2004 has been a delight for me.

December 2004 - Sandra

Hey! I've been wondering for a long time if I should write because I never win in any kind of competitions, but I'm writing... So...
My name is Sandra and I'm 15. I've been a fan of DC for about 5 years. I like Beyonce very much, but I like DC even more, as those three girls together are better for me than just Bey.
Ok. So... I fell in love with DC because of my friend who borrowed me "The Writnig's on the Wall" CD, but I had heard about them earlier. My friend is now listening to rock music but I still listen to Destiny's Child. Just like Gosia I have tons of magazine articles, which I often get from my friends (Huge thanks to Martusia, who gives me most of it). Two years ago, when I was in a London store, I noticed a Destiny's Child poster. It cost 15 pounds but I told myself I wouldn't leave without it... so it's hanging on my wall along with some other posters... I like DC for all the hard work and passion they put into everything they do... Unfortunately, I've never been able to go to their concert but I hope my dream will come true one day... My two favorite songs are "My Time Has Come" and "Brown Eyes". I can listen to them all the time... I also made Martusia a DC maniac but she's not as crazy as I am... Well... I think that's it... I hope my letter will be accepted :D Take care,

bEE :D/sandra

November 2004 - Gosia

    My name is Gosia, I'm 16 and I'm a huge fan of Beyonce! My story with Beyonce began a long time ago, about six years, but I remember it like it was yesterday. I was watching TV and surfing music channels, looking for something for me. "Everything's the same," I thought to myself. "Some blondes singing about their first love and rappers swearing after every second word." Suddenly, I saw Destiny's Child for the first time in their music video for "No, No, No Part 1". I couldn't take my eyes off them and was moving to the sexy beat of the song ;) I had no idea who they are back then, so I decided to find out as soon as possible. I bought their album, "Destiny's Child", and I just fell in love! The album was great. Black music, up-tempos, it was really something for me :D Since 1998, my love for DC is only growing.
    I collect and own all of DC albums (as well as girls solo records) and almost all CD singles, tons of posters and magazine articles (my every friend knows about my love so they always bring me something :P). Everyday I listen to DC songs, watch their music videos and try to know about them as much as I can :) You could say I'm head over heels about them :P
    But my biggest idol is Beyonce! Sure, she comes from DC, who I fell in love with, but Bee is something more than just a singer. She's a beautiful, intelligent and talented woman! She's a role model for me even in my everyday life. She's the reason I want to be a better person for other people and I try to understand them and not hurt them. I know that just like Bee, through hard work, I can achieve very much and that dreams do come true. Because of her music, I look at the world differently, I notice more things. Her songs are like magic, I can listen to them all the time. I respect Beyonce and love her with all my heart <3 My biggest dream is to meet her one day - go to her concert! (I was only at a Kelly concert last year in Berlin). I hope someday I'll be at least half like her!!!
Best wishes... love, Gosia :)