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Straight Hair

Bee opts for straight sleek hair on variety of different occasions. The hairstyle is a perfect choice when she decides to have a bangs.


Beyoncé loves to experiment with her curls! She can go from loose spirals to thick curls or even an afro, which she wore promoting "Austin Powers in Goldmember" movie. She wears curly hair a lot on her days off, as it is her natural hair texture.


From time to time, Bee puts her hair into a ponytail for some parties, award shows and performances or for more sophisticated galas when the rest of her look is already over-the-top. It'a also a part of her everyday style.


Bee wears a bun not only for special events but also when going out for dinner or shopping. The shape and complexity of it depends on the occasion and the outfit.


Beyoncé wore box braids in early years of her career and she re-freshed the hairstyle briefly in 2012. As for regular braids, she wears them very rarely.

Half-Up, Half-Down

This hairstyle was a signature look for "I Am... Sasha Fierce" era. Bee also likes to wear it for casual public appearances or personal outings.

Swept-Back Hair

When Beyoncé decides to wear her hair swept-back, she usually opts for straight hair but on several occasions she chose waves and curls. It was also a frequent hairstyle for Sasha Fierce.