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Producer Soundz issues a personal apology to Beyonce

Klaudia//December 20, 2010
Word of our interview with Soundz has reverberated across the industry. Now, after facing severe backlash from some of Beyonce’s crazed fans regarding his statements about her songwriting, the ‘Gimme Dat’ producer has issued an apology. "I gotta say somethings were taken out of context in the interview. I’ve never been in a session with but I’ve heard rumors, none of which I have evidence or personal recollection, so I can’t really truthfully speak on that case. I’m a huge fan of Beyonce and I deal with a lot of mutual people of hers and I’m hurt that people have taken the interview negatively. I’m a very funny, outspoken and humble person, and I never meant to intentionally offend anyone. I cant take back what I’ve said but I am apologetic to her and whoever may have been offended in that interview."