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Keyshia Cole wants Beyonce for next album

Klaudia//December 22, 2010
After collaborating with Tank, Faith Evans and Nicki Minaj on her recently released new album ‘Calling All Hearts’, R&B songstress Keyshia Cole reveals to MTV News that she aspires to collaborate with some of today’s biggest female chicks in pop music. POP music she says. Not Hip Hop, not Soul or R&B. But Pop! In fact, she’s prepared to work with someone completely out of her comfort zone – Lady Gaga! With the singer aware that her new album may not recieve desirable first week sales, would Keyshia truly sacrifice her musical integrity and experiment with the Queen of electropop just for the sake of earning a hit record? When MTV News asked her if she has other collaborations in mind for the next album, she replied: “I would honestly love to work with one of the girls that are huge in pop, like a Beyoncé or Lady Gaga or Fergie”.