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Amanda de Cadenet Wants to Interview Beyoncé

Klaudia//May 22, 2012
Amanda de Cadenet hosts lifetime’s new show, The Conversation, from her living room couch. No frills, no fancy set or live studio audience, just two women one-on-one, propped up by luxurious plush divulging their inner most feelings. The Demi Moore-produced show is no different than what a group of girlfriends would do on a week night with a glass of wine, and that is what makes it so priceless: the purity of it. GlobalGrind caught up with Amanda on the seams of her show’s launch to learn a little more about the magic behind her skills at having The Conversation. From verbalizing her pure passion for the task at hand, to confessing the reason she would love to have a conversation with Beyoncé, she held nothing back. Amanda’s ability to strip back the layers of celebrities to reveal their human skin always makes for an interesting read. Check out what Amanda had to say about The Conversation in the exclusive interview below:

Is there anyone you haven’t interviewed that you want to interview?
I want to interview Gloria Steinem, Beyoncé, and Hillary Clinton.

What’s alluring to you about Beyoncé? What would you ask her if you got her into your living room?
She’s a mama! I’m curious how being a mom has changed her life, and I will be curious how that affects her drive and ambition.

The world is waiting to see that.
I also think she’s one of the few women out there as far as role models go, who has integrity. She’s a sensual woman. She’s a smart woman. She’s a funny woman. She’s a playful woman. She’s a wife. She has integrity!