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Beyonce Day Officially Declared in Minneapolis

Klaudia//July 21, 2023
The Minneapolis City Council chambers were packed with Black women on Thursday, as the city recognized its “Black Girl Magic” resolution — declaring Thursday “Bey Day” in honor of Beyoncé. The declaration celebrated all Black girls and women in the city — and came the same day the artist was in town for her “Renaissance” tour.

“Black women show up, time and time again, to do the hard work of speaking out against racism, oppression, gender and sexual violence, and all of the ways our systems perpetuate harm against us,” said City Council President Andrea Jenkins in a news release. “We embody strength, resilience and foresight. Black women have always been at the forefront of change work, while the rest of the world tells us we are wrong. While we hold the line, it takes years for the rest of the world to ‘get in formation,’ to quote Queen Bey, who inspires us to break through dominant culture and create our own lanes of power. We do the hard work which benefits all of our society. Black women and girls are trendsetters. Yes, we are human. Yes, we are #BlackGirlMagic. Thank you to all of the incredible Black women who showed up and shined today at City Hall and who do this important work every day without recognition.”