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Black Parade Route Launches in Lagos, Nigeria

Klaudia//March 26, 2024
In 2020, BeyGOOD Founder @Beyonce introduced the Black Parade Route to the world to celebrate and support Small Businesses that had faced economic hardship as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. These efforts assisted more than 900 small businesses globally.

Last year, Entrepreneurs along Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour received entrepreneurial grants as part of Phase 2 of the Black Parade Route - where businesses were also aligned with essential tools to support entrepreneurial growth and business sustainability.

AND we are excited to announce Beyonce’s GOOD continues and now to the Continent of Africa!!!! We are honored to announce BeyGOOD grants to support local entrepreneurs in LAGOS, NIGERIA!

Applications are NOW open for ENTREPRENEURS to apply for small business grants. Must be able to substantiate financial hardship and the business must be in or in proximity to Lagos.

ALSO . . . stay tuned for more information on Educational Scholarships in Johannesburg, South Africa and Community Impact support that will take place in Nairobi, Kenya! We expect that the Black Parade Route will ignite ingenuity and new opportunities in all three (3) of these amazing markets on the beautiful continent of Africa.

CLICK HERE TO APPLY NOW FOR THE LAGOS, NIGERIA ENTREPRENURIAL GRANT. Submissions close at midnight Eastern Time on Saturday, April 6th.

Stay connected here as the GOOD continues!

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