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BLACKPINK's Rosé Spills On What Beyoncé Told Her At A Tiffany & Co. Event

Klaudia//December 4, 2022
BLACKPINK‘s Rosé has never been shy about how Beyoncé inspired her to become a musician, although her goal of becoming “like Beyoncé” has since changed.

"My dream? When I was really little, my dreams were very absurd. I really wanted to become a great singer like Beyoncé or Michael Jackson."

When she was little, Rosé admits that she used to play piano and loudly sing Beyoncé songs, which possibly annoyed her parents into realizing how seriously she wanted to pursue music.

"Once I grew up, they told me, ‘Rosie, to be honest, it was really hard for us to go to bed when you were singing at the top of your lungs.’ I think I would sing Beyoncé’s ‘Listen’ when I couldn’t reach the notes cause I was a terrible singer."

Of course, Rosé has become a global superstar, currently on BLACKPINK’s BORN PINK world tour and constantly impressing fans with her tremendous talent.

The global icon was also recently featured on the cover of Vogue Hong Kong, stunning fans with her gorgeous and elegant visuals.

And in her interview with the magazine, Rosé continued to express her admiration for Beyoncé, having felt honored to be able to attend a Tiffany & Co. event with her idol.

"Actually, when I was young and dreamed of becoming a singer, the artist who I admired the most was Beyoncé. Before I actually became a singer, I watched Beyoncé’s movies and started thinking, 'I want to become a person like her.' So I put in a great effort practicing the piano. I was lucky to be able to attend an event with Beyoncé, as we are both Tiffany ambassadors. It’s a huge honor!"

But beyond simply getting to meet her idol, Rosé also shared that she actually got to talk to Beyoncé, hinting at a possible collaboration in the future.

"At the event, she said, 'I hope we can do an interesting and fun collaboration together in the future.'"

Not only would this be a “dream collaboration” for Rosé, but fans couldn’t think of a more iconic duo.

"This is really a 'dream collaboration' (laugh)! If there’s an opportunity, I really want to sing with her."