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Ts Madison Got Emotional Reflecting On Beyoncé Sampling Her Voice

Klaudia//February 3, 2024
In 2022, Bey sampled Ts Madison's voice on her Renaissance album, further proving that no one — not even the Queen — could resist Madison's charm and influence. BuzzFeed sat down with Ts to chat about her life, career, and why she's a staple in Black culture and, inarguably, Black history. Check it out ahead.

Speaking of allies, you collaborated with Beyoncé on her 2022 Renaissance album, which she dedicated to the Black queer community. Your voice is featured in the song “Cozy.” Have you had enough time to process that?

I'm still processing it. Beyoncé is a phenomenon in this world. For her to mesh her voice with mine, with the message of being comfortable in your skin, cozy with who you are, and singing about each color on flag ... It's one of those feelings that I say, "God, I'm doing right for my people." Black, brown, and beige. Fluorescent beige. I'm doing right for my people. I thank God for making me alive in this time to be a champion, advocate, and activist for my people. And I'm not excluding heterosexual people when I say my people, that includes them and my Black queer people.

Beyoncé sampled a clip from your 2020 video where you spoke out against police brutality and also the horrors that Black — especially Black trans — people face. That’s where the now iconic line, “Bitch, I’m Black!” comes from.

I'm Black. I'm Black like that. I'm in the hood right with George Floyd. I'm there, too. That could have been a knee on my neck. His murder occurred around the same time Iyanna Dior was being beaten by a mob in the gas station. My point is, how are we so divided? We are different shades of Black, but we are all Black nonetheless.

Did Beyoncé ever tell you why she chose that particular clip to include on the album?

No, Beyoncé just told me that she loves me. She told me that she was inspired by me. She sent me many flowers and cards, and she says she loves me deep. I knew Beyonce had been watching me for a long time. No one wanted to believe me. When she had that hot sauce in her bag , I said, 'Girl, Beyonce saw and she got that from me!' Fast forward to now. I told y'all when I speak, people listen.

What has been your proudest moment being Black and queer?

My proudest moment being Black and queer is being featured on Beyoncé's Renaissance album. That album is my proudest moment because I was able to speak to the world. My voice has been heard all over the world. I have everybody chanting, "Bitch, I'm Black." Whether you're white, brown, whatever the color you are, honey, you are "dark brown, dark skin, light skin, beige, fluorescent beige, bitch. You're Black!"