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Beyonce Is All About Giving Women Confidence

Klaudia//March 11, 2013
Beyonce the beautiful appeared in the L’Oreal X Marie Claire ‘Women Wishes’ campaign to celebrate International Women’s Day (March 8), looking as gorge as ever. The spot is black and white, which only serves to further highlight her physical flawlessness, and she talks about how one of the most fulfilling things she can do is to empower other women. That’s a queen right there for you!

“I am all about giving women confidence and I know sometimes you wake up in the morning and don’t feel like the best version of yourself,” Bey, a L’Oreal pitchwoman, says. “It’s great to know I am a part of something that helps bring out the inner confidence and beauty in women.”

She shared her morning mantra, saying, “Before I have to be on is actually telling myself I’m worth it, I deserve this, I’m a diva, I’m strong.”