Scans from December Vogue

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In the gallery, you'll find scans from the December issue of Vogue. Unfortunately, there's no new photoshoot.

Gallery Update: Scans

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I updated our gallery with tons of magazine covers.

Gallery Update

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Beyonce and Jay-Z will be featured in the December issue of Vogue! The couple most likely posed for a photoshoot.

Beyonce's pregnancy news made the front cover of the New York Post today!

Elle UK Scans

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In the gallery you'll find scans from the British issue of Elle magazine featuring Beyonce. If you want to donate scans from your country, just email me! The singer was also featured in the Wednesday's issue of The Guardian.

January 23 was a normal day for Beyoncé. On the docket:

1. Showcase new athleisure line, Ivy Park

2. Plot launch of new music label

3. Prepare to dominate Super Bowl 50

4. Polish off top secret "Formation" video

5. Gear up for all-stadium world tour

When "Run the world" is your business plan, your day starts early. Read more...
Check out the covers of the May issues of Elle magazine in France, Netherlands, Sweden, Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Norway, Poland, Quebec and South Africa!

In a rare in-depth interview, Beyoncé talks exclusively to ELLE about freedom, feminism, how her new fashion line, Ivy Park, helps women love their bodies, and more. Stay tuned for a sneak peek of the May cover story and photos coming on Monday. You can get the digital edition on April 5th by subscribing now. You can also enter to win a trip to New York to see the Formation Tour. Start looking for the May issue at newsstands on April 6th.

Beyonce's full story in the Garage magazine is finally available! Go to to access it or check it out in our gallery! (Please credit when sharing).

GARAGE Magazine reveals today a stellar cover collaboration between global superstar Beyoncé and internationally renowned artist, Urs Fischer. This special-edition cover for Nº10 features an exclusive new portrait
 of Beyoncé, transformed into a collage of paint and photography by the celebrated artist.

In addition to the cover, the story inside the issue comes alive, soon to be activated with the GARAGE Mag App. This interactive feature will include exclusive words and images from Beyoncé herself.

GARAGE Nº10 is now available to pre-order at and will be available from a selection of exclusive stockists worldwide from MARCH 14th! Read more...
#TeamGARAGE and Beyoncé got in FORMATION for Issue Noº10, collaborating with inimitable artist Urs Fischer on an exclusive set of portraits.

In this special Noº10 Issue, GARAGE worked with the internationally renowned artist, Urs Fischer, to deliver a sharp collection of portraits with global icon, Beyoncé.

The story continues with exclusive words from Beyoncé herself, soon to be activated within the GARAGE Mag App upon scanning Page 70.

Stay tuned for the big reveal.

Bey-hold, it’s a bright, shiny new year! So to kick it off, let’s take a hearty look at the best thing that happened last year / ever at BEAT. Yes that’s right, we are throwing it all the way back to that time Beyoncé was on the cover of BEAT. I mean, can you even believe that Ryan McGinley shot her for us, wearing a swimming costume with our logo on it and holding a chicken? Cuz I can’t. If you haven’t seen an actual issue yet – they are available here.

So if, like Adele, your “main priority in life” is Beyoncé then here it is, the only interview with Queen B in the last two years!!

Beyoncé sneezed on the BEAT and the BEAT got sicker…

The Maldives, Phuket, Croatia; anywhere I can see the ocean.

Pray and meditate.
Cuddle in bed with my man and my baby. Eat brunch with my family.
Paint and listen to great music. Have a beer.
Eat pizza.
Make love.
Sweet dreams…
Check out a new part of the BEAT magazine interview with Beyonce below!

BEAT magazine released more photos from the photoshoot for their Winter issue, as well as some tidbits from the interview. Get a copy of the magazine here.

Here she is talking about success and fear:

"What does fear taste like?
Success. I have accomplished nothing without a little taste of fear in my mouth."

Just as importantly, here she is chatting about which Beyoncé era she’d go dressed as for Halloween:

"Destiny’s Child Survivor era with the army fatigues. Or maybe Bootylicious with the gold tooth and pink tips in my hair."

This is what she sings in the shower:

"Holy Ghost by Kim Burrell"





You know those times in your life where you think, ‘Blimey, imagine if blah blah blah happened’ and then you laugh at yourself because actually ‘blah blah blah’ is a pipe dream. People will tell you ‘blah blah blah’ is never going to happen because it’s such an outlandish idea. But still, it niggles away at you because while the world keeps turning and maybe you’ve somehow earned good karma or some shit, ‘blah blah blah’ could still happen. In theory at least.

Well theory be damned because BEAT magazine – this free music paper that started out as a fanzine in a window-less basement in east London – has made one of its ’blah blah blahs’ happen.

Ladies and gentleman. Pray silence and please be upstanding for the actual BEYONCÉ on the cover of the new issue of BEAT. Read more...
We Built a City, We Enthroned a Queen, and She Provided the Words, in Her Own Hand.

In our fair city of CALIFUK, the threat of drones, falsity, cyber-desecration, and malicious propaganda abound. Survival here is a weighty effort—not for the insincere, the weak. For our success as a supercity isn’t pegged to the yuan, to seasons, to buying. This is not Manhattan Island, not a fashion’s fight out. This is a movement—not available for streaming, or indices—about place-making and cultured fissure. And abandon. And intimacy. And her.

See: CALIFUK’s throne ascension by phenomenon, Beyoncé. There she sits, unwilling at the moment to invite distraction of the fundamental mission of her rule: to shape culture, to inspire the hip parade as well as the fringe, to rehearse, rehearse, rehearse, to drop filthy, filthy tracks on this swelling, warring, cap-melting planet. To make an impact.

And so we’ll see a new venture this fall with Topshop boss, Sir Philip Green, still unnamed, specializing in global athletic street-wear. We’ll see her headline—a few days from our printing this CALIFUK beast—the Budweiser Made in America Festival in Philly, which her husband Jay Z curated, and which will dump a bunch of dough into the local United Way. We’ll also see her headline the N.Y.C. Global Citizen Festival at Central Park—taking place during the UN General Assembly (chief topic to be addressed amongst the 193 representatives: an end to global extreme poverty). We’ve watched her visit Haiti this summer, which no doubt influenced these mission-driven performances.

We’ll watch Beyoncé. On stage, on her Instagram, in the form of rug-cutting, colorific phosphates behind our eyes as we sleep. And because she’s our CALIFUK queen supreme, we’ll conduct a brief, yet thought-stirring psycho-analytic exercise, conclusions of which we’ll allow you, the reader, you the citizen, the fan, to draw—following our cover star’s photo session poolside in Los Angeles. Read more...
In the gallery you'll find scans from the September issue of Vogue!

There’s only one September issue, and there’s only one Beyoncé. Preview the story by Margo Jefferson and get a rare personal glimpse of the icon in an exclusive video.

What do we want from the glamorous, powerful women we call divas or icons or cultural forces? We want them to want—and in our names get—everything they possibly can. Success in work and love. Sexual pleasure. Money and power. We want them to embody multiple fantasies. We want them to make us believe that exciting realities are just around the corner.

It used to be that the great pop stars with fashion and style gave us small variations on one grand theme. Tina Turner: minidresses and honey tresses. Janis Joplin: boas, bangles, and bell-bottoms. Cher: spangled striptease getups with mythic Third World touches. Nowadays fashion isn’t about the grand theme, it’s about juxtaposition, and it’s filled with allusions to movie and art history; to music and dance styles; to iconographies of race and ethnicity, religion and gender. Madonna opened the door to this collage approach. Today we see it in the wigs, masks, and sculpted costumes of Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj, the restless dazzle of Rihanna’s couture choices. And, of course, in the music, dance, decor, and looks of the ultimate streamed collage: Beyoncé.

Read the rest of the cover story and the entire September issue as early as August 14 via Amazon or by picking it up in Target stores. The issue officially hits newsstands on August 25. See below for images from the story and an exclusive video from Beyoncé.

I updated the photo gallery with new magazine scans, mostly from 2014.

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