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Out Magazine Article: Beyoncé Liberated

Klaudia//April 9, 2014

If you pooled the collective memories of the staff at Parkwood, the small, can-do entertainment company that Beyoncé built, you would have enough material for the world’s longest biography. That it would also be a hagiography goes without saying; for those who work closest to her, Beyoncé is, quite literally, flawless. Again and again you will hear that she is the hardest-working person in showbiz, the most demanding of herself, the least complacent. And all of this, you will realize, is most likely true. But in all of the accolades and glowing character references, you will also find little shafts of light that fall on their subject in illuminating and lovely ways.

There is Angie Beyince, vice president of operations, who grew up spending her summers with her cousins, Beyoncé and Solange. “They loved Janet Jackson,” she tells me. “We’d talk all night and watch Showtime at the Apollo and my snake, Fendi, would just be crawling around. He’d sit on our heads while we watched TV.”

There is Ed Burke, visual director, who had never heard of Beyoncé when he met her 10 years ago, responding to a request from a friend to shoot her for a day. He spent the next seven years trailing her around the world with a camera. In Egypt, he and Beyoncé scaled a pyramid together as the rest of their group gave up or fell back. “It smelled like urine because there are no bathrooms up there,” he recalls. “She looked like Mother Teresa, wearing this white dress and a head wrap, and when we got to the top she sang Donny Hathaway’s ‘A Song for You.’ ”

There is Ty Hunter, her stylist, who was working at Bui-Yah-Kah, a boutique in Houston, when he first met Beyoncé’s mother, Miss Tina, on the hunt for outfits for Destiny’s Child. The two clicked. That was in 1998. “Miss Tina reminded me of my mother,” he says. “I call Bey and Solange and all the girls in Destiny’s Child my sisters. The family is just, you know, humble—not what people think it is. The picture is ‘diva, diva, diva,’ but I’ve been here this long because she’s not.”

Gallery Update: Photoshoots

Klaudia//March 29, 2014
I updated the photo gallery with lots of older photoshoots, including an unseen Rod Spicer shoot from 2003. Every category in the gallery is now divided into sub-categories so it should be easier for you to find what you're looking for. Also, I finished reuploading all the pictures so you shouldn't have any problems viewing them. However, if you find any photos that don't work, please let me know!

Social Media Updates

Klaudia//December 6, 2013
Beyonce paid tribute to the late Nelson Mandela on her official website:

"Nelson Mandela
1918 - 2013
Rest In Peace"

On her Instagram and Tumblr, she posted pictures of the two of them together and wrote: "Thank you for all you have sacrificed to improve the lives of other human beings. Rest in peace. God Bless"

For Throwback Thursday, the singer uploaded photos taken by Matt Jones for ID magazine in 2006.

The Mrs. Carter Video Diary has also been updated with a new video of the tour crew checking out to Christmas Walk for some holiday fun in San Jose, CA.

Beyonce does another photo shoot in Melbourne

Klaudia//October 28, 2013
Visiting superstar Beyonce was in Fitzroy on Sunday afternoon for another photo shoot, without the fanfare of last week.

Beyonce's entourage tried to keep the Argyle St appearance quiet, afraid of attracting hundreds of fans after last week's Brunswick photo shoot became public.

One of the few witnesses was Jordan Barr, who had finished work at the Reef Factory outlet in Smith St when he came across the superstar.

Barr managed to take this picture of Beyonce, who was halfway out of a Ford Falcon.

"I literally knocked off work and walked around the corner and came across her,'' he said.

"There were a few security guards standing around who asked, 'Can you hold back with the photo?' as they didn't want to let the cat out of the bag after last week.''

Barr said he was told Beyonce will use the Melbourne shots for a documentary and a calendar.

She caused a storm in Brunswick last week after a photo shoot outside the house of pensioner Jeanette Meadows.

Beyonce is now in Brisbane, continuing her Mrs Carter world tour.

Bey Inspired: Atiba Clarke

Klaudia//October 12, 2013
Atiba Clarke has overcome more than most can imagine. His relentless will to survive and succeed is inspiring. Atiba's book, "Unexpected Words from a Gifted Angel," imparts words of wisdom to remind us all to never give up.

Support the book :

Visit to see a photo of Beyonce and Atiba.

The singer also updated her Instagram.

For Throwback Thursday, she uploaded several photos from 2007 Vibe magazine photoshoot.

Beyonce Releases Official 2014 Calendar

Klaudia//October 7, 2013
The new year is coming soon, it's time to get prepared with the first ever official Beyoncé calendar! Let Beyoncé help you schedule your day to day activities with her new 2014 calendar. Each month has a unique beautiful photo of Beyoncé and would make a fantastic gift for family or friends!

Calendar measures 12 inches x 12 inches and features 14 different Beyonce images including the cover.

Visit to order the calendar now!

UPDATE: Photos of the whole calendar are now available in the gallery! Thank You Crew

Klaudia//October 3, 2013
Beyonce took to her official website to thank her tour crew:

"Thank you to the hardest working crew!
- Beyoncé"

On you can see a picture of Beyonce and the crew in #BeyGOOD T-shirts.

The singer also updated her Tumblr: she uploaded photos of her grandparents to My Life section and unseen shots from 2010 House of Deréon photoshoot to The Throwback.

In the gallery you'll also find a new outtake from People magazine 2012 photoshoot.

Beyonce Covers Flaunt Magazine

Klaudia//July 10, 2013

Icon status is an elusive, wild beast.

See, no matter how many times you don a black bodysuit and the bedazzled gloves you lovingly hand-stitched to reenact the by now ubiquitous wedding dance floor song "Single Ladies"—pause for a minute to appreciate how many 11-year-old girls have done that in the last four years—you'll never be as good as Beyoncé.

And that's what's to love about the great Queen Bey. She's a machine. She's untouchable. And she makes us feel fierce, by proximity.

Beyoncé's Midas touch is something she's well aware of, and she's advanced it strategically, indulging and delighting her vehemently devoted fans while embracing what spectacle—a staple of her performances—affords her: "the license to live vicariously, to visualize, to fantasize. To be bigger than yourself, bigger than life."

Over the course of her career, she's sculpted, coiffed, and polished her image to build a persona so globally recognizable, so singularly powerful, that it's departed from being anything remotely attainable to become something revered and ethereal. And perfect—which is what she says she strives for.

Even on Instagram, so named for its spontaneity, Beyoncé presents a clean, curated image that evenly projects each facet of her persona: In one photo, she bares her enviable midriff, further solidifying the organic sex appeal that gave life to the Oxford-approved term bootylicious; in another, she posts handwritten thank-you notes to her fans for their support in her philanthropic efforts. And lest you start to feel too distanced from her, there are reminders that she can be ghetto fab like the rest of us: a late night snack of Aiki noodles with Tabasco sauce, photographed on what looks like a fold-out card table. (And its intended effect is achieved: If you actually doubt that @Beyoncé could/would eat a cup of noodles, you ain't as real of a fan as you think. #teamhood #teamdirtysouth #teamquickmeals wrote one fan.)