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Beyonce to be featured on new Shatta Wale album

Klaudia//November 9, 2021
Dancehall artiste, Charles Nii Armah known in showbiz as ‘Shatta Wale’ has revealed for the first time that he has delayed in releasing his GOG album because American songstresses, Rihanna and Beyoncé are yet to complete with their verses on some songs, reports.

Speaking for the first time after his release from the Ankaful prison on Kumasi-based Pure FM with self-styled Millionaire, Oliver Khan aka ‘Ship Dealer’ monitored by, Shatta Wale remarked that but for ‘Ship Dealer’ he would have had difficulties releasing his album.

“This is the first time I’m speaking to any media house after my release from prison and I’ve decided to not grant any radio interview for a while but I couldn’t resist not answering the call because of Oliver Khan my Boss.

He is the first person who loaned me money to produce my first album.

I haven’t told anyone this but the reason why my GOG album has been delayed is that Rihanna and Beyoncé are not done with their verses on some of the two songs I featured. When they’re done, hopefully, I will release the album.” Shatta Wale stated on Pure FM.

#PELOTONPARK - Kirsten Ferguson

Klaudia//November 8, 2021
Kirsten welcomes runners of all levels in her motivating classes. A successful career woman turned fitness instructor, Kirsten wholeheartedly embraces the changes that life brings. After seven years of working with the NFL, she shifted her focus to family. Her journey to motherhood was not easy, and fitness helped Kirsten strengthen her body and soul during difficult times. She is now the proud mother of two beautiful daughters and uses her life experiences to fuel her deeply inspiring workouts. Get lifted with Kirsten as you run together to the beats of her favorite hip hop and R&B tracks.

#PELOTONPARK - Adrian Williams

Klaudia//November 6, 2021
Adrian Williams is a powerhouse instructor who brings a warm, inclusive, yet hardcore energy to every run, bootcamp and strength class you’ll take with him. Work out with Adrian and you'll find that his infectious energy will keep you coming back for more, no matter how sore.

#PELOTONPARK - Becs Gentry

Klaudia//November 4, 2021
Becs Gentry brings the burn one lap at a time. She's fast, friendly, and truly one of a kind. Becs inspires everyone from first-time runners to seasoned athletes. Whether on adventurous trails to ultramarathons, she's run across the globe (and does it with a signature smile). You'll leave her class proud and energized to tackle your next challenge.

#PELOTONPARK - Cody Rigsby

Klaudia//November 2, 2021
Cody Rigsby brings his unfiltered realness to every class, and will have you laughing your way through every workout. With a vibrant personality to match his technical prowess, Cody's humor and hot takes will give you an amazing workout while making sure you have the best time. His professional dance background allows him to bring electricity and movement to everything he does, from Cycling, to Bike Bootcamp, to Dance Cardio and Meditation, and his compassionate energy will lift you up. As Britney Spears' #1 fan and a pop culture junkie, his unique authenticity will make you feel like you're best friends with a world class trainer.​


Klaudia//October 30, 2021
Rad Lopez will charm you with his refreshing vulnerability in his Strength classes. He's a new trainer who wears his shyness on his sleeve but pushes you to go beyond your limits. As a former boxer raised in a Dominican household, his soft-spoken resilience allowed him to find confidence in sports and competition. He leads his workouts with tough love, a few dance moves, and great playlists. His goal is to help you push past your excuses and help you find your own determination and get after it. After a workout with him, you’ll feel some of his quiet confidence rub off on you and be ready to take on the day.

#PELOTONPARK - Chelsea Jackson Roberts, Ph.D.

Klaudia//October 28, 2021
Chelsea Jackson Roberts, Ph.D., is dedicated to bringing yoga to both the tenured yogi and the newbie. With yoga, music, and soulful storytelling, Chelsea synthesizes her studies to take you on a challenging, yet compassionate journey that leaves you feeling like you belong. She brings her Midwest roots to her practice and invites you to reflect on who you are both on and off the mat. Teaching to genres like electronic, soul, hip hop and more, she makes every class, whether Restorative, Slow Flow or Power, feel like a journey. Chelsea is a true leader, an advocate, and she reminds us all to breathe in and speak up for what matters.

#PELOTONPARK - Jessamyn Stanley

Klaudia//October 26, 2021
Jessamyn Stanley is an internationally acclaimed voice in wellness, highly sought-after for her insights on 21st-century yoga and intersectional identity. She is the founder of The Underbelly, a streaming wellness app and community, co-host of the podcast Dear Jessamyn, and co-founder of We Go High, a North Carolina based cannabis justice initiative. She is a regular contributor to SELF magazine, has been featured on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine (UK), and covered in the New York Times, Vogue, Glamour, Sports Illustrated among many other domestic and international media outlets. She is also the author of Yoke: My Yoga of Self-Acceptance and Every Body Yoga: Let Go of Fear, Get on the Mat, Love your Body.