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Diane Warren Shares Story Behind "I Was Here"

Klaudia//February 9, 2021
In a recent interview with Rolling Stone Music Now podcast, Diane Warren looked back at the stories behind some of her biggest songs.

“I Was Here,” Beyoncé (2011)
“That’s one of the best experiences ever. I wrote it on my guitar, ’cause a friend of mine was three hours late. I had my acoustic guitar there. I started with the line, ‘I want to leave my footprints on the sands of time,’ and the song kind of just started writing itself. And I thought, this could be a really great song for Beyoncé. And it could also be a song for Leona Lewis or Susan Boyle, both Simon Cowell’s artists. So I did a little acoustic guitar version of it. and I sent it to Simon.”

“And then I called Jay Z. And he called me back and I played it on the guitar. I said, ‘I thought this could be great for Beyoncé. It’s different for her.’ And he loved it. He said, stay by your phone. She’s gonna land. You know, as soon as she lands, she’s calling you.. She goes, ‘Okay, this is Monday, my album is supposed to come out Friday. She said I’m going in Wednesday. I’m recording that song. I’m stopping my album.'”

So I went in the studio with her and I was blown away by that vocal. And then she goes, ‘Well, I’m gonna let’s take a dinner break now. And I’m going to go back and do it again. I’m like, What do you mean do it again? It’s perfect.” She goes, ‘Now I’m going to get it better.’ And that’s a difference, by the way, between a great artist and a not-great artist. I mean, that’s why she’s gonna be around forever.”

“I couldn’t even sleep all night, ’cause I was so excited about about how that song was coming out. I wake up in the morning, and remember, I’d given it to Simon Cowell. I wake up to an email from his head of A&R going, ‘the song, it’s nice, but it just doesn’t go all the way for us, but feel free to send more stuff.’ And so I wrote back, ‘Funnily enough, I was in the studio last night with probably the biggest artist on the planet. And it went all the way for her.” With a smiley face. So that was a fun email to write.

Beyonce Nominated at the 2021 Kids Choice Awards

Klaudia//February 3, 2021
The 2021 Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Awards nominations are in! Beyonce is up for one award:

Favorite Female Artist
Ariana Grande
Billie Eilish
Katy Perry
Selena Gomez
Taylor Swift

Fans can cast votes on Twitter and at, and on the Screens Up app on supported iPad, iPhone, and Android devices in the U.S.

The ceremony will simulcast across Nickelodeon, TeenNick, Nicktoons, and the Nick Jr. channel live on Saturday, March 13, at 7:30 p.m. ET/PT.

Beyoncé leads the 2021 NAACP Image Awards nominees

Klaudia//February 3, 2021
Beyoncé leads all nominees for the 52nd annual NAACP Image Awards, which were announced Tuesday.

Queen Bey received six nominations, the most for any recording artist, including Outstanding Female Artist and Outstanding Soul/R&B for her 2020 song, "Black Parade." Her Disney+ film, Black Is King, landed three nods, including Outstanding Music Video/Visual Album. Beyoncé also received a nomination for her assistance on Megan Thee Stallion's "Savage" remix.

The 2021 NAACP Image Awards airs on BET and for the first time on CBS March 27th at 8 p.m. ET.

See all Beyoncé's nominations below and vote here!

Outstanding Female Artist
Beyoncé - “Black Parade” (Columbia Record/ Parkwood)
H.E.R. - “I Can’t Breathe” (RCA Records/MBK Entertainment)
Jazmine Sullivan - “Lost One” (RCA Records)
Ledisi - “Anything For You” (Listen Back Entertainment/BMG)
Alicia Keys - “Alicia” (RCA Records)

Spotify's Dissect Debuts "Black Is King" Limited Series Special

Klaudia//February 2, 2021
A seven episode mini-series special to commemorate the prolific Beyoncé project that took the internet (and Bey-hive) by storm: Black is King premiered last week on Spotify.

Dissect is a serialized music podcast hosted by creator Cole Cuchna available exclusively on Spotify. The podcast series takes an academic approach to analyzing iconic albums that has had an undeniable influence on music and hip-hop culture.

In this surprise drop, Cole is joined by special guest co-host, Dr. Titi Shodiya (Dope Labs) to dive into an in-depth exploration of the lyrical metaphors, historical anecdotes and nods to African spirituality embedded all throughout the project. The series breaks down BIK’s commentary on White supremacy proliferated through Western religion; spoken word poems like Joshua Abah’s “Uncle Sam” featured in the project, and its uncanny parallels to featured rappers’ work like Kendrick Lamar’s “Wesley’s Theory”; and the story of how one Black female artist’s stolen and appropriated work led to the smash hit, “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” while becoming the key reason behind Beyoncé creating Black Is King.

In the final bonus epiosde Cole and Titi talk to co-director Kwasi Fordjour, stylist Zerina Akers, and music director Derek Dixie about their work on the film.

Listen to the entire series below.

Harvard University to offer "Black is Queen" course inspired by Black is King

Klaudia//January 31, 2021
Harvard University will have a course that will explore powerful women called "Black is Queen: the Divine Feminine in Kush", inspired by Beyoncé's “Black is King” visual album.

Black Is Queen: The Divinie Feminine in Kush
Date: Thursday, March 25, 2021, 6:00pm to 7:00pm
Location: Online

Solange Ashby, Adjunct Professor, Department of Classics and Ancient Studies, Barnard College

The prominence of powerful goddesses and queens in the Nubian Kingdom of Kush (now Northern Sudan) highlights the unusually high status of women in this ancient African society and serves as a fitting focus for the study of female power in the ancient world. Using temple inscriptions found in Egypt and Nubia, the rich funerary goods found in royal burials, and temple and tomb imagery, Solange Ashby will discuss how ancient Africans of the Nile Valley understood female power and presence. Songs from Beyoncé’s recent production “Black Is King” will be woven into this presentation on Kushite queens to emphasize the power and centrality of the African queen mother in her royal family and kingdom.